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Picture Quiz

Part One - Who are the following people ...

James Cracknell.jpg

1.  Former Kingston       Grammar School Pupil

Jacqueline Wilson.jpg

2.  Former Coombe Girls School Pupil

John Inverdale.jpg

3.  "Alvin Reed" ?


4.  Little Star ?

John Galsworthy.jpg

No. 5.  Nobel Prize Winner

Lynne Truss.jpg

No. 6.  "Grammar" School Girl

Eadweard Muybridge.jpg

No. 7.  Last seen in Pizza Express

Tom Holland.jpg

No. 8.  Web Designer?

Lynda La Plante 2.jpg

No. 9.  Liverpool Lass

charles dickens.jpg

No. 10.  Penned many references to Kingston

Erin Boag.jpg

No. 11. Ex Glitterball Queen

Donald Campbell.jpg

No. 12.  In the Soup?

Part Two - Where in Kingston would you see the following ...

Image 1 cropped Polce station London Roa

No. 1.

Image 2 cropped St John the Baptist's He

No. 2.

Image 4 cropped  Bentall's crest Wood St

No. 3.

Image 3 cropped Front of Guildhall 1 Hig

No. 4.

Image 4 a cropped Bentall's Lighting Woo

No. 5.

Image 6 cropped The Kings Tun Old empire

No. 6.

Image 7 cropped Kingston Station Richmon

No. 7.

Image 9 cropped Market House Market Plac

No. 10.

The Toilet Gallery cropped.jpg
Image 10 cropped John Lewis Wood Street.

No. 8.

Image 11 cropped Cattle Market Car Park

No. 11.

No. 9.

Image 5 cropped Bentall's Depository Har

No. 12.

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