Training for New Tour Guides


Hi and welcome! As you have found this page you are interested in becoming a volunteer tour guide.


Don’t worry, although you do have to complete a training course it isn’t as daunting as it sounds and there are lots of friendly guides to help you!  (khaki shorts, shirt and pith helmet are not compulsory!)


You would be assigned a tour guide as a mentor and point of contact. You would be provide with a training pack and would be required to learn about Kingston’s fascinating past, its historic buildings and monuments. There is no set deadline and you can progress and study at your own pace and we recommend that you shadow various guides on their weekly talks to see the different styles and techniques – every guide is different but the information has to remain constant.


Once you and your mentor both feel confident that the time is right to take a practical test you would take two guides on a tour and they would ask questions.


If you are worried about being tested and perhaps not ‘passing’ please note that we are looking to pass you as opposed to fail you and we would not tell you that you have ‘failed’ but simply that you need to do a little more research after which we shall gladly test you again.


So why not contact us and take the first steps which will lead you to a fulfilling position in recounting the tales of Kingston upon Thames.

Kingston Tour Guides is a voluntary organisation; we are funded by a grant from the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

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