The Kingston Tour Guides Pageant 2019 was a homage to Edwardian Kingston ...

The Town Crier and Tipstaff

The Bargee

The Octogenerian - Mr George Ayliffe

The Barmaid

The seven times Mayor of Kingston - William Finney

The Shopkeeper - Leonard Bentall

The Suffragette - Sophia Duleep Singh

The Author - Jerome K. Jerome

The Royal - Queen Alexandra

With the Mayor and the Mayor's Consort in attendance, the Town Crier addressed the waiting crowd.

The ex-Mayor told how he had helped to design the façade, "allegedly" on a piece of blotting paper.

"Welcome to 1910", he told the  audience.  "This evening we will bring you Edwardian Kingston with our focus on the river, the lifeblood of Kingston".  With that, he led the group to the famous façade where Mayor Finney took over.

As the crowd walked into Bishop's Hall, a barmaid from the old Blue Anchor pub entertained them with tales of old Kingston ...

Moving into Thames Street, 85 year old George Ayliffe recalled how the street was in his youth - "The Bond Street of Surrey", he called it.

Author Jerome K. Jerome told the crowd of his forthcoming book but was unsure of the best title.

Queen Alexandra, representing her husband George V, was keen to stress the royal connections to Kingston ...

The Bargee described life on the river barges to an appreciative audience.

...while Leonard Bentall explaiined the history of his family's store and the innovations he had introduced.

Finally, Sophia Duleep Singh told the crowd about the campaign for women's votes and her hopes for the future ...

...before the Town Crier brought the pageant to a close.

All Photographs by Francis Gibbs Photography

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