Old London Road / Clarence Street Walk

Before the first bridge, the gravel islands on which Kingston was subsequently established provided a means of crossing the river here and over time there would be an established track to the crossing which eventually developed into the road to the bridge.

Walk with us, from the 14th Century Chapel that stood on the old road from London to Kingston to the crossing that twice changed the history of England.


Whether you are a visitor or a long term resident of Kingston, our guides will tell you the history of our historic town, point out the landmarks and the oldest buildings (and the sites of some that we have lost) and tell you about the men and women who made Kingston what it is today.


Consider the questions below; if you can't answer them now, you will be able to after the walk!

  • Who was given land in return for catering a Wedding Feast

  • Where was Cut Throat Alley

  • Where is 'River Celebration'

  • Who was the Haberdasher who left money to care for the poor of Kingston

  • Who made bricks in Kingston and then used them to build his own pub

  • Who were the combatants in the "Undertaker War" - and who won

  • Where were the Elite and the Empire Theatres

  • Was Castle Street the site of a castle

  • Where does Pratt's Passage take you

  • Where were the four bridges of Kingston

  • Which street was known as "The Bond Street of Surrey"

  • What happened in Kingston that changed English history twice

Kingston Tour Guides is a voluntary organisation;

we are funded by a grant from the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

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