Kingston's Pubs Walk

Join us on a walk around the ancient pubs of Kingston town centre.


Kingston was known for its industries and, being 11 miles from London, a resting place for travellers. Perhaps the most important of all the diverse industries was "malting and brewing" which led to the establishment of numerous hostelries throughout the town.

Arriving at Kingston station one could pass 10 pubs in 4 minutes' walk or, starting at the corner of Thames Street, 16 pubs in 8 minutes. Each had its own character and stories to tell.


Let us regale you with the history of 25 watering holes in our historic town, 5 of which are still trading today.  Find out how they got their names, who spent time where and what nefarious deeds were done within.  Let us show you buildings that are so familiar to you now but were once dens of iniquity or, in at least one location, a place of worship and reverence, in times gone by.


Come with us and learn:

  • Who changed the name of the Lion and the Lamb to the Druids Head

  • Where prize fighting boxers trained

  • Which pub landlady was subjected to the ducking stool

  • Which was the oldest recorded pub in Kingston

  • What the difference is between a pub, an Ale House, an Inn and a Tavern

  • Why The Bishop was "Out Of Residence" and when

  • In which former pub they literally "raised the roof"

  • Where Henry VIII's valet owned a pub

  • Which pub was originally a music hall and is reputedly haunted

  • Where the headmasters of Kingston Grammar School arranged cock fights

  • What a Soldier's Room was

  • What small beer meant

  • Where there was a Druid's Glade

Kingston Tour Guides is a voluntary organisation;

we are funded by a grant from the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

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